About Iron

  • Connections between Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss

    Iron deficiencies cause a variety of symptoms in men, women, and children. But one of the lesser-known side effects of low iron is hair loss. Learn more about this symptom and how to prevent it.

  • Postpartum Consequences of Low Iron Levels During Pregnancy

    There are effective ways for women to prevent iron deficiencies during pregnancy and also during the postpartum period after giving birth. Low iron during pregnancy can lead to negative birthing outcomes like hemorrhage and sepsis.
  • Iron Deficiency in Women Going Through Menopause

    The most common deficiency associated with menopause is estrogen, but studies have shown that women going through menopause are also often iron deficient, which can lead to a variety of health risks.
  • The Importance of Iron in Bodybuilders

    Bodybuilders spend much of their time in the gym “pumping iron,” but dumbbells aren’t the only type of iron that bodybuilders need to get strong. Learn more about why iron is especially important for bodybuilders. 

  • The Connection Between Iron Deficiency and Nail Brittleness

    Split nails and weak nails are particularly common among women who have low iron levels. Not only are brittle nails unsightly, but they can also be very painful and get in the way of daily activities.
  • Carb Loading Before a Race: Benefits & Key Considerations

    There are benefits to carb loading, but it’s also important to not neglect other foods and minerals to set the body up for success. Learn more about the carb loading diet for athletes, including the best way to carb load and the best carb loading foods.