About Iron

  • Exclusive Recipe for an Iron-Rich Diet

    Fergon® Iron Restore™ teamed up with actress, mom and founder of “Real Girl’s Kitchen,” Haylie Duff, to create an iron-rich recipe inspired by the great orange flavor of new Fergon® Iron Restore™ chewable tablets.
  • Medical Options for Iron Deficiencies

    There is no one-size-...
  • Iron Absorption: Why It's Important

    Learn more about iron absorption and why it's so important.
  • Skin, Hair and Nails Iron Benefits

    Hair, skin, and nails require iron to retain their natural luster, shine, and moisture. A simple blood test from a doctor will indicate whether an iron deficiency is to blame for hair, skin, and nails being brittle and dry.

  • Iron for Women

    Learn more about why iron is important for women.
  • What Is Ferritin and What a Ferritin Test Involves

    This article will describe exactly what ferritin is, why it’s important, and what a ferritin test involves. It will also answer common questions, such as where is iron stored in the body, and define the normal ferritin levels for runners, swimmers, and other endurance athletes.