About Iron

  • Iron’s Impact on Cyclists

    Cycling is a popular endurance sport that can easily take a toll on an individual if the body isn’t supplied with the nutrients it needs. One of the most important nutrients for cyclists is iron because it’s essential to many biological processes in the body.
  • Iron for Anemia

    What is anemia and how does iron help treat it?
  • The PMS Diet and How Iron-Rich Foods and Supplements Can Help

    PMS symptoms can often be lessened and prevented by following a healthy PMS diet and making positive lifestyle changes. Here is some information about iron deficiency PMS, as well as how to prevent PMS and treat its various symptoms each month.
  • Common Causes of Iron Deficiency

    Learn what the common causes of iron deficiency are.
  • How Alternative Food Source Affect Iron Levels in Women

    It can be difficult for women who adhere to any type of diet to maintain healthy levels of iron in their systems. Find out how alternative diets like vegetarianism, veganism and the paleo diet affect iron levels in women.
  • Can Low Iron Cause Muscle Soreness?

    Find out why low iron levels can lead to muscle aches and when the aches could be one of the effects of low iron or due to something else. This article will also provide tips for athletes to prevent sore muscles due to a lack of iron.