About Iron — athletes

  • Iron’s Impact on Cyclists

    Cycling is a popular endurance sport that can easily take a toll on an individual if the body isn’t supplied with the nutrients it needs. One of the most important nutrients for cyclists is iron because it’s essential to many biological processes in the body.
  • Can Low Iron Cause Muscle Soreness?

    Find out why low iron levels can lead to muscle aches and when the aches could be one of the effects of low iron or due to something else. This article will also provide tips for athletes to prevent sore muscles due to a lack of iron.
  • The Importance of Iron in Bodybuilders

    Bodybuilders spend much of their time in the gym “pumping iron,” but dumbbells aren’t the only type of iron that bodybuilders need to get strong. Learn more about why iron is especially important for bodybuilders. 

  • Carb Loading Before a Race: Benefits & Key Considerations

    There are benefits to carb loading, but it’s also important to not neglect other foods and minerals to set the body up for success. Learn more about the carb loading diet for athletes, including the best way to carb load and the best carb loading foods.