There are many forms of anemia, and it can be temporary or long term. While iron deficiency anemia is the most common form, it’s important to consult a physician if you are experiencing any symptoms of anemia as it is a serious medical condition.

What is anemia?

Anemia occurs when there aren’t enough red blood cells or hemoglobin to transport oxygen throughout the body. This leads to symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, skin pallor, or a fast heartbeat.

What causes anemia?

Anemia can have several different causes, such as blood loss, the body destroying red blood cells, or the body not producing enough red blood cells. The most common type of anemia is called iron deficiency anemia and occurs when the body does not have enough iron to produce healthy red blood cells.

How does iron help anemia?

If you are diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, a doctor might recommend taking an iron supplement to help restore iron levels in your blood.